About Us

Dargett opened its doors to the public in Spring of 2016 as Armenia’s first brewpub. Our mission statement was simple; to bring the craft beer culture to the Armenian consumer, offering a wide selection of craft beers in the highest quality possible. Since the opening of Dargett Brewpub, we have experienced massive growth. As a result, we expanded our operations and recently completed the construction of our new brewery. Dargett remains a small independent craft brewery, staying true to the craft ideology. We only use the highest quality ingredients that we can source from all over the world, all our beers are unpasteurized, unfiltered, and brewed in traditional methods to achieve a perfect serve.


We handcraft our beer applying international standards of brewing, using high quality ingredients and cutting-edge equipment. Each batch of the brew has its own story behind; each type of beer has its own success formula, to deliver the utmost pleasure of enjoying craft beer to our Dargetters (people who love Dargett beer).

We stand out from industrial beer producers. We play with flavors and aromas and “give a birth” to exclusively new (i.e. Apricot Ale) or one of the over 100 worldwide known types of craft beer. We revolutionize the perception of the term “beer”, and show that its more than just lager, dark and wheat. Thus, our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the beer industry in our country and we are on this complicated and inspiring journey right now!

We have turned our size to the biggest advantage that we have. We freely experiment, create and test new recipes, constantly enhance and work on our brews to make our products masterpieces. Our mission is bringing unfiltered and unpasteurised beers closer to the consumers and keeping it fresh.

Product Range

Dargett Brew-Pub serves 7 types of bottled masterpiece.